Keep going?

This is to be a bulldog stud service…
what do you all think of the layout so far?


Oh, yea what is the JS for a popup picture window? I want tank.jpg to pop up in it’s own little box… Anybody know?

dnt know the javascript , but isent it a bit too early to ask us about the layout of the site… the images are nice, but i dont see any real layout for the site… what are you trying to do? if you can show more and explain a bit about the site , maybe more people can help.

…cheers… soulty:smirk:

Well… The intent is to advertise a studding service for two bulldogges. I want basically a one page layout. The pictures of the dogs need to pop up in their own window…
Also, I have to add an “information” pop up text box which includes stud fee, breeders stuff… The end result should be very simple… I just gotta figure out pop ups!!! :thumb: