Kerning dynamic text

when duplicating text in an array, the kerning is the same for each letter, and the “i"s are too spread out. Can someone show me how to fix this? here’s what the frame currently look like:\r\rduplicateMovieClip (“text_mc”, “text_mc”+c, c);\rset (“text_mc”+c+”/char0:char", text.charAt©);\rsetProperty (“text_mc”+c, _x, c*kerning);\rc = c+1;\r\rOn previous frame i specified\rkerning = 15\rI tried using and if() statement, but no luck, unless I can find a different way to set _x.\r\rAny help would be greatly appreciated

No idea at all concerning your question, but I have one for you : what does the line

 set ("text_mc"+c+"/char0:char", text.charAt(c));

mean ?? I understand what it is for, but not the /char0:char thing.\r\rthanks\rpom 0]