Kerning - Dynamic Text

Is it possible to adjust the kerning of dynamic text?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve wondered about that too and haven’t really found a solution.

I guess they won’t let us Kern our dynamic text :-/

I know you cant in MX… I dont THINK MX04 allows it - though in all honesty I still use plain MX :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone explain to me what kerning is? I’m kinda in the dark over here…

kerning makes your text look pretty. smooths out the edges pretty much.

kerning puts letters closer together when there are “apparent” gaps between them to make the words look better and flow together more smoothly. A good example is with the letters A and V. AV <-- here, you can (probably) see kerning at work. Notice how the V is actually moved past the bounds of the letter A and actually overlaps in its space some? this is possible because of how the A and V slants respectively. normally, without kerning, it would seem there would be an even bigger space between the characters because of the angles of the characters. Kerning makes it look more tight and compact by bringing such characters closer together - well at least in terms of “auto-kern” though kerning is basically, and simply put as “space between letters”.

You can test this effect in a bunch of apps (flash, photoshop, fireworks etc) -make some text and turn auto-kerning on or off to see the difference


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Thanks for that Senocular, enlighting to say the least.