Keyboard game

story: this has happened to me many times: if i’m typing word “hello” i sometimes end up typing “gwkki” now you see, there’s a relationship between “hello” and “gwkki” on the keyboard “gwkki” keys are left to all “hello” keys.

so, here’s the game: if you want to type “k” you can represent it either using “j” that is left to “k” or “l” which is right to “k” but PLEASE don’t use character above and below the key. you have to figure out what the previous person has written, and you may develop one more, too. :slight_smile:

rules: you can use caps lock, tab, and enter, but you may NOT use shift.
as for characters, you may use any character “A-Z” or those on top of the keyboard below the Function or f-keys.


as you can see, each character in “loeios” is either left or right of the actual keyboard word “kirupa”

now for real:


edit: this is probably by far the hardest and weirdest game you probably have ever seen. you may use -=`[];’,./ but without shift please