Keystrokes don't work in html

Been working pretty hard on converting a flash presentation so I can use it my website portfolio.

The presentation used keystrokes to navigate instead of button so the presenter didn’t need to wave a mouse pointer all over the screen.

I have published my flash file to the web, embedded it in an html page and now the keystrokes don’t work.

Can anyone shed any light?

They don’t work at all?
Or they work after you set focus on the flash movie?

set focus?

When I export my file to swf and test it they keystokes work fine. When I open up the swf file from windows on its own - they work fine.

When I import the swf file into an html page and open it up - they dont work at all. :h:

Yes, set focus.
Try opening the html page, click on the flash movie and then test the keystrokes.

AH! Set Focus! Yes it now works! (who feels a bit dozey now :-/ )

Thank you.

Is there any coding way of bypassing this? (the movie is launced in a new window and without me putting a ‘play movie’ button in, the viewer would have no need to click on the page)

Yes, open the html document and find the id parameter inside the <object> tag.
Something like this:

<OBJECT.... id="mymovie" ....>

Now, edit the tag:

<body onLoad=mymovie.focus()>

Thats great.

I used this for the body copy though to get it to work:

<body bgcolor="#333333" onLoad=“window.document.[color=slategray]myMovie[/color].focus();”><body >