kF-beautify Google Chrome Extension with syntax highlighting


I have made a small Google Chrome extension called kF-beautify that adds syntax highlighting to kirupaForum code tags. It also removes ads shown to registered users if he is logged in. If you are not logged in (i.e, guests), you’ll see ads.


[] Removes ads for registered users only if he is logged in.
] Guests will see ads.
[*] Syntax highlighting using prettify, which powers code.google.com and stackoverflow.com.
Prettify supports all C-like, Bash-like, and XML-like languages. No need to specify the language.

Current version: 1.2.3

For syntax highlighting to get active, the whole page must finish loading.
The problem is facebook oauth or sometimes google analytics is taking a freaking amount of time to get loaded.


Note on usage. You just use the normal code tag

, it will auto detect the language and highlight the syntax. Also it doesn’t interfere (it’s compatible) with the php tag.