The ultimate merged thread

even tho this site isnt done - the after effects are AMAZING… Plus the design rocks too… makes me feel lime in in a star wars movie… :slight_smile:

I’d like it better if they actually did all the work themselves. It’s been said they outsourced a lot of it. For that reason, I have a hard time giving it the respect others may feel it deserves. Besides that, something about it just doesn’t quite sit right with me.

//edit: and the link isn’t working :smirk:

yeah i have no clue why its not working… but this is cool sites… no matter if they made it or not its still really cool :wink:

I’d like it better if they actually did all the work themselves. It’s been said they outsourced a lot of it.

I had a feeling of this too. The site is probably down for final touches to it or temporary server technicalities.

No actually and his work has the best after effects ;).

Trust me - check out his stuff.

I take that back - has the best ae :).

yeah these kigot guys did next to none of the work themselves. I can understand farming out your weaknesses like I do when I have php gigs. BUt they boast design skills and actually farmed those out. I like the site but cant really respect the company.

yeah i wouldnt buy from the company… but the site rocks (thats why i put it in “kool” sites…)

link hasn’t been working for me the whole time :frowning:

yeah i dono why… but they must have taken it down or something.

Take a look at these guys :slight_smile:

Eh - It’s alright :). Not as good as Shilo though.

Have you seen there older stuff? There pretty sick!! They made a cdrom about year ago that was crazy:)

Have you seen ? they have some really cool stuff aslo take a look at really cool interface and 3d

The best After Effect Site I have seen was Conspiracy games made by Fantasy Interface. It is down now but man… it was amazing… and still is the best site I have seen to date… BTW made 2 years ago.

Adobe After Effects with several plugins to create those effects.

That’s it.

Actually, Conspiracy Games is stilll ‘up’.

I don’t think that site is too amazing. (Keeping date created in mind)

wow that site is mad hot

I think it is awesome. Feels cool just to be on it.

This iste has some really nice 3D and animations. It’s still a WIP but it looks great.


Post that on Site of the week…
Its a good runner…

Awesome site…