Kill rightclick!




I dont know about that lol. Kindof a crazy hack to get around it :wink: Seems like it might not always be applicable.

IE6 only…you got the new dev version from M$ to test this…?
cool anyway :wink:

well, it still kind of doesn’t function. If you press “arrow and menu” button thats right next to the windows button on your keyboard (assuming that you have windows), you can see the right-click working :smiley:

that’s actually really cool.

"If you press “arrow and menu” "
why would you do that?
this technique is just so you can finally kind of get rid of the Macromedia stuff in the right-click menu and really use your own…
not to disable anything else…?
it’s s’posed to disable the mouse right click, which it does (on IE6 anyway…)

wow pretty sweet: how does this work?

“view source” of the html

It was just an observation, rather a pretty inane one. I mean yea, it works but I just felt like posting something… so i did it! haha