Killing Web Design?

Hi all!

Im a starting web designer and the topic, whitch troubles me now is: arent those guys from simply killing web design by offering their way of site building?


I guess that pre-made templates are fine and dandy for people who either don’t have the time, know-how or money to produce their own websites. And having seen a few truly horrendous home pages over the years, these templates would give me something bland and inoffensive to look at when I go to the page, instead of lime green text on a yellow background.

But when it comes down to it, that’s just what they are (imho, anyway) - bland and inoffensive. There’s no individuality stamped on them, no personality. A bloke can just point and go “that one”. Where’s the thought in that?

I think that any company or individual that wants their own site to stand out will shy away frm these pre-made things, and opt for a professional opinion, tailored to their requirements. Then they can get us to make the templates for them. :slight_smile:

Well said Kit!

Now pre-made templates is not something new. Various web designers have made and distributed templates for a very long time… I think it has existed ever since the very early days of the web. It hasn’t had an adverse effect on web design so far… if anything webdesign and webdesigners seem to be sprouting everywhere.

Could you imagine buying a template only to realize that 50 other people doing exactly waht you are have the exact same design? gah, just the thought makes me want to vomit.

True - I guess template “shoppers” will have to be concious of who they’re buying from. Then again, there’s some people who sell templates only once - giving the buyer complete and total rights to that template (thus the original webmaster cannot sell any duplicates).

speaking of web design I just finished my site (not happy wit it)
but ya the whole template thing is just like haveing a twin that you hate, in a way… . I would hate to have a web site exactly the same as some one else ,but what ever makes money?!

Well, most companies, selling templates (i.e. templatemonster, 4templates, …) are giving the buyer complete and total rights to those templates, so he (the buyer) will be absolutely shure, that he has a unique site.

It is also absolutely true, that if you have some skill and know exactly what your site should look like, there is no sence to use pre-made templates. But there are a lot of people, whose skills are far from web-designer`s and hiring a professional web-designer is too expensive for them.

I`m afraid, that the amount of such people is much greater than you can ever imagine, and buying ready-for-use professional-made website templates is a great alternative for them.

I think pre-made templates are more suited for individuals more than corporate entities. Every large company that I’ve looked at has it’s own in-house designers and developers. Since they’re part of the company and not outsiders, they know exactly what the company wants, and there’s good understanding and communication going on.