Kinda urgent question (code error = frozen flash :S), and then a URL question

ok, well i just tried AS for the first time, made a cool movieclip with an invisible button on top, but it looks like i’ve made a mistake cuz the whole thing just stopped and now my flash is frozen. if i exit, i lose my work (~20 lines) that has taken me the past 3 hours. it may be easy for you, but i really dont wanna go thru this again, so how can i stop a flash program (with hotkeys, cant click any buttons)?

second question, less urgent, but i want to combine my movieclip-button with my website, and have it so when the animation is done, it goes to a specific url. how can i code it to go to a URL? (or just tell me the order of classes i need to use, im familiar with it in java so im sure flash cant be too tough)

thanks a ton, and maybe even saving me hours of work ^^

EDIT: alrite, its kinda past the stage where i know what to do other than exit, but is there an auto-recovery thing where it saved my work :S:S:S:S:S