Kirupa at LIGHT Speeds

Well today I come home & the first thing mum says to me is ‘Ben iv disconnected the internet’ my jaw dropped to the floor followed by the big upset face. She then continued to say that we could no longer afford to have pay tv & dial up internet, I started crapping on saying that I can pay for it etc, but she continued to say ‘no ben im sorry, we just can afford it’.

This was the stage when I cracked it and walked off to my room. While walking off down the hall way I hear this faint ‘oh if you want you could use the broadband, i can afford that’, at first i was thinking i was hearing things but I wasnt, i ran to my room and the computer was on with the broadband connected.

I ran back to my mother & hugged her greatly, So yes my dream of about 2 years has come true, IV GOT BROADBAND internet!! :D:D:D - its a 12mb connection which is awsom when compared to using about 6 years of dial up 56K modem!! Im now crusing through at light speeds & also around the web, so next time you see someone surf through a stop sign, you know who it is lol…

If anyone actually reads this ill be amazed!! I just wanted to tell everyone here, because im lovin the broadband :D:D:D