Kirupa, can you print a south asian version of your book?

The DSA book is likely the very good book as it’s written by Kirupa. But being from South Asia(Nepal), it’s too costly

It shows it’s 3214INR which is like 8K NPR if I order from

Can you make an indian version of this book if you plan to make this book used as a textbook? I am sure the pdf is floating somewhere, but I want to support the creator and make myself motivated to learn by buying the physical book.

Hi @oslon - that is a very fair point! To partially address this, a lot of this content is available on the site for free:

I’ll ping the publisher for what local options they have, but those usually happen about a year or two down the road given the time it takes to get them printed and shipped in other locations.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: