- Introduction to HTML

by kirupa | 19 March 2012

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I noticed when you specified the hyperlink to the “class” attribute you never gave an example of its usage in terms of making reference to as a unique element. I believe you should also display how it would appear after the browser reads it.

I was also wondering if you have anything on 'MySQL"?

Hi, Carlos! Good point. I will update the earlier tutorial with details on how unique an element can be :smile:

Regarding the MySQL content, no - there are some really old ones that you can search for, but I would recommend finding more up-to-date content on other sites. It is something I hope to cover one day in the future, though!

This is the best tutorial I’ve read so far.

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Thanks! Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Do you have an HTML tutorial platform too? As I’m willing to gain strong command to improvise my expertise.