"kirupa.com" is the bomb!

After basically going “end-to-end” on this site, I feel obligated to give all props to Kirupa. This site is excellent for both the Flash novice and the advanced designer. Not only is it filled with an incredible amount of information, all easily accessible and extremely easy to read (cookbook style), but it is hosted by a courteous, well-informed SiteOP. Kudos to Kirupa!

Thanks Crazy8tz!
I really appreciate the comments…especially the cook-book style reference. Never heard that one before, but after looking at some cook book guides that came free in the mail…I think you may be right! hehe


“If Kirupa can Flash, you can too” (looks for old Yan Can Cook stuff)

Werd to your mothers!

this maybe a classic topic. but yup kirupa is the bomb

another grave digger

Yup this is 1 of the 1st posts on kirupa:) i think:P

lol @ rysolag grave digger hahah

wow… after I stopped it seems everybody else started again… :stuck_out_tongue: