Organization Brainstorming

This has been brought up before but I thought it could use its own thread :slight_smile:

Personally, I find Kirupa.coms tutorial navigation difficult. If Im looking for a tutorial, I never have any idea where to start looking. I ALWAYS use the search. Thats the only way I can find anything. Other than that I use the complete list (though I often have to search to find it heh).

Is there a better way to manage tutorials for I guess any change would be better off if not too substantial (as more tutorials are made, its going to be harder to manage), and am I correct in thinking that they are not maintained in a database?

Brainstorm away!

For reference, heres how some other sites handle theirs:
(main page of sections by type, some with subsections no deeper than one level down; within each section a list of other sections is available on the left)

( full list of all tutorials divided into pages to page through limiting the number you can see on the screen at one time - can also segregate alphabetically; 2 ‘sections’ available to the left (dev and design) though currently empty)
(one huge page of all tutorials sub-divided into visible categories of difficulty - probably the most-user friendly navigation IMO. I mean everything is right there)

Nothing drastic has to be done. But some tidying couldnt hurt - maybe some streamlining in the way tutorials are processed too … :q: