Kirupa contest announcement graphics?


I am somewhat new to Flash, and I really like the random flying balls in the kirupa scripting contest announcement (and at the bottom of the home page - link button).

Can anyone point me to a decent tutorial on this?

Many thanks,

Randy in Seattle

If you looked at the tutorials on kirupa’s site you would have seen his tutorial on it. It is the “Continuous Movement” tutorial.

You can find it here…

To get the excact effect, that tutorial is combined with a Circular Movement tutorial which can be found here…

Both of those tutorial are for Flash MX, I am pretty sure that the continuous movement tutorial works in Flash 5, but I am not sure about the circular movement tutorial, I use MX, so I can’t test it.

thanks, lostinbeta –

I am new to the site and looked through a bunch of tutorials before posting, but didn’t find the right ones.

Thanks very much for pointing me in the proper direction.


No problem. I am glad I could help:)