Kirupa Dream?!

Well i didn’t think it would happen, but it did…I had a dream about!!! In my dream I was searching the forums for something but I couldn’t find it so I eventually ran out of my house and then I woke up. :lol:

I’m scared…has anyone else dreamed about

-¡Deano! :bounce:

haha that’s wicked :stuck_out_tongue:
unfortunately I haven’t had a kirupa dream yet :frowning: but I’m longing for those massive eyebrows :smiley:

Wow… Whahaha that is disturb…

Yea… I was working on my 100% full flash site… And I kep on opening the same tutorial again and again and again… and … again… and… … … … … … . .

huh, what you said made no sense, but I’m gunna let it slide…:sure:

I don’t dream…

lol :D, u spend too much time on kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never had a dream about the site or forums…that means I’m not spending enough time on here! :beam:

Well I did have a dream about killing another forum member… does that count?

if u tell us which member u were gonna kill it counts :wink:

lol, yes it does. Do you mind saying who it was, ang give a detailed explanation! :jail:

I posted it in another thread. It was Fester. I bumped into a bum in the street who started a fight with me, and I started beating him. Then it turned into kid rock and finally into fester. I had to kill him to stop him.

Haha! That is hilarious Ethan!

From the other thread.

I had a dream that kirupa turned into a monkey and smacked me with a whip until I learned actionscript.

That wasn’t a dream. That was part of the initiation. Most of us block it out because of how traumatic it was.

No wonder my back has been bleeding…