Kirupa Gallery style scrolling....?

Hello All!

I’m trying to make a similar scroll function as the kirupa thumnail gallery has.
See the following link to what I’m talking about…

Can someone help me out to make a exact style of horizontal scrolling with a stop function at the end!..(I’m not trying to make the infinite menu!!..)

here is what I need…:):

1:A scroll system which activates iteself to the left or right, starting when the mouse is +/- 40 pixels at the left side or right side of my thumbnail mc~!

2: The thumbnail mc doesn’t have to be dynamic…but it may vary in size
for example one thumbnail mc has 4 items to scroll left to right

and another thumbnail mc (different fla)has for example 8 pictures to scroll …

In other words, I am looking for a similar scroll script that can scroll diferent sizes
of thumbnail mc’s without reprogramming the code everytime…!

Hope someone understands my question, and or even better…:slight_smile: can help me out on this one…:slight_smile: