Kirupa help with password tutorial

I’ve gone through Kirupa’s tutorial on how to create passwords in Flash. It was wonderful. But… in the tutorial it’s only good for one password and I’d like to be able to hand out as many passwords at my hear desires. I’ve tried using else if statements but that doesn’t work. Help… please…?

Here’s the script from the tutorial:
password = inputName

if (password == “kirupa”) {
inputStatus = “Access granted!” ;
} else {
inputStatus = “Access denied!” ;

if (password == "kirupa"||"ilyaslamasse"||"pom"||"sara") {
   inputStatus = "Access granted!" ;
} else {
   inputStatus = "Access denied!" ;

|| means “OR”

Be careful though, you can’s protect anything important with this kind of password.

pom :hat: