Kirupa is a Legend

Yes they are of the female persuasion.

Hey we even have another new lady: brainbug


freetranslates it


lunatic is a girl gasp…i never really think of forum people as guys/girls…more like :cyborg:s.

I came here for the design/Flash. I guess Random’s where the party’s at =)

Anyway, what exactly is this bash site? Just a collection of online convos?

There is/was a sound loops collection on Kirupa? Where?

Exactly what I’m thinking :P.


it’s with the “Kirupa Rap” song… /runs

Oh and I don’t know how that pronounciation of his name got on there either…

Uh…wrong thread, hun :wink:

bash thread’s thataway ->

Thor has been longing to call someone ‘hun’ on the forums since Kit last :trout:slapped him.


lunatic is a girl?
that kills my world view

Thor you can call me hun anytime. slap free.

I think I’d rather find out a guy is in fact a girl rather than a girl ends up being a guy.

I’m glad this thread ended on the topic of girls otherwise had it stayed on just Kirupa it would have died after a few responses :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I repeat:
There is/was a sound loop collection on Kirupa? Wher?

like i said its with the Kirupa Rap.

That has sound.

ROFL! I also noticed that my room mate’s definition about me was removed…guess I should remove his :stuck_out_tongue:

oops, sorry :slight_smile:

must have had that thread still on my mind as I read this one. =)

oh and thorphies…:trout:



What? Kirupa Rap? Sounds like a tasteless sellout to me. Like The Smurfs Christmas single or something.

Someday I too will have an urban dictionary entry for me.

Some danish guy might be behind yours huh eilsoe… I wonder who…