Kirupa is a Legend

So I went to Urban Dictionary to see about some words and found that Kirupa has several definitions. I have no idea who that EatHam character is.


Nice entry man :thumb:

“…sound loops?” Lol.

So I’m guessing Sharif never got to see the sound loops collection here on kirupa!

Whahaha nice… :stuck_out_tongue: best one yet… Defanally a thumbs up !

A term for secret lover.

I got myself a kirupa

That has to be my favorite. I’m going to start using it in more conversations.

(3.) The place where the hottest web chick Kitiara hangs out.
is also good.


Ah, Lunatic. They must have written that before you showed up here. :love:

:wink: :love: :beam:

I don’t understand…:h:

I have no idea who that EatHam character is.

:beam: Nor why the latest def was posted today…

My quote about Kit was from Urban Dictionary. That was in someones definition of Kirupa. I was telling Lunatic that they wrote that before she showed up as she is another hot web chick.

Actually was posted yesterday. It takes them 24 hours to post things. Well… that’s what I’ve heard.


So how many females do we actually have in here then?

¡Yo no supe que lunatic era una chica!

Jenna Bately :lol:

Obviously lunatic and Kitiara are the two hottest web chicks. Jointly. Actually I’ve never seen a picture of lunatic. Kitiara is in her sig and avatar. I always think of lunatic as Mugatu, no offense intended. ‘Ethan Michael. He’s sooo hot right now.’

Thanks Flash, but I’m pretty sure there is more to life than being really really rediculously good looking, and I’m going to figure out what that is.


Wait are you telling me that during all this time Lunatic & HiFiCopywhatever were girls :huh:

esta verdad . . .

[SIZE=-4]Aha! I have them all fooled! My evil plan is working![/SIZE] :evil: