Kirupa: search question

Hi kir’, just wond’ring: when using the search box on top of all the forum pages, what is searched, or the forum?
Asking coz all the answers seem to be only from, not hte forum(s)?! (lookin for the darned download button…)

Hey eyzberg,
Unfortunately, all the search links posted are for the site. You can find the search section for the forums by going to the main forum page and clicking the tiny search link near the Log-in/Logout links. I will say that the search feature of ezboard is quite inadequate; I guess I might have to find a way to get my search to work with the forums then :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: :frowning:

warning though… the ezboard search features are pretty poor. I’m always having trouble getting it to do it’s thing.

I don’t know if you saw that message Kirupa, but someone was mentioning the idea of an archive. Apparently ezboard deletes any page over 20. So if we want to keep these threads we should archive them. Not all mind you… just one’s that have any flash technical information in them.

Thanks for reminding me upuaut. I completely forgot about that! I have a dumb question; what if the archives forum goes beyond 20 pages? Will I need to create an ‘Archives II’ forum :slight_smile:


quick answer: yes
short answer: look at the previous response.