Kirupa shine effect help

I am a Flash beginner. I found your site very interesting, especially that new shine effect ([url=“”] which is indeed very popular in the Net; it makes a site look more professional and overall plase for an eye. I have completed that tutorial, but I wish to know how to create the same for that bottle. In other words, I wish to put a header and see that effect on a image after the header is loaded. Could someone help do this thing or at least create a make-shift header?

Thank you very much in advance
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thats my try at emulating the bottle effect. More time spent in photoshop would make it look better. Basically I just have a cut out of image and put it as solid white. I’m not sure why the tutorial one looks so good.

Your fla file is a real asset to me. But I don’t know how you made that girl looking white. Could you please tell me?

What I did, is I took the pen tool and created the shape of the bottle in flash and used the shine mask effect for it.

Then I put the shined shape OVER the image of the bottle layer. I wish I still had the .fla of the bottle but I hardly keep those things.

I don’t quite understand what you’re asking for.

Your answer suits me well – that’s what I wanted. Thanks

No problem :).