Kirupa tutorial good?

Any comments abt Kirupa tutorials??

I had tried few of Kirupa tutorials and I found the tutorial is not tht complete or not user friendly.

I prefer more tutorial on the picture tht enable us to follow step by step rather than looking at lots of explanation tht can’t help us to see the outcome.

I did follow the instructions, but in the end the output is totally difffent frm the tutorial one because it lacks of guideline.

I am very happy with the provided tutorials but I am very disappointed when I can’t make it workable.

And, sometimes the ready made flash file enabled us to download also made me confuse. Don’t knw how they make it n jz blindly follow the instructions in order to get the output.

When ppl ask you how to do this/tht part n your answer is “I dunno, I downloaded it frm Kirupa tutorial”. …=)

May b it’s my problems to understand the tutorials but I jz want to share with you all my opinion abt the Kirupa tutorials.

Pls do not hesitate to rp and share with us ur comments, thanks!!

why do you wrt lik dis? its jz hrd to undstd… :sigh:

are there any specific tutorials you’re talking about? :slight_smile:

I started off with the tutorials and they’re all good; i’ve always completed them just like how they were suppose to be completed. I find the already made flash file also to be very helpful. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

I appreciate all ur reply =) hmn…may be I really dumb in Flash =( too bad…

Do I need to convert whatever to symbol (F8) eg. movie clip, button or graphic, b4 I can make a hyperlink or any functions on it?

I did a very simple hyperlink in flash but =(…pls see my attchment. pls help…


you can’t do that Ling.

  1. the Actionscript(as) must be in the object (button in your case)

on (release) {
getURL(“”, “_blank”);

but if you want to put the action in frame, try event handlers

  1. the circle must be converted to symbol - button or movieclip ,before you can assign any action

I like the tutorials on Kirupa. They go for concept over copying. Keep doing it up guys! Maybe one day I can contribute a tutorial of my own.

PS. Kirupa, I’d be happy to help get a Javascript section going since that is like my fortey.

I see your point, Ling, but when you think about it, what other sites give better tutorials than kirupa? I mean, even flashkit doesn’t have a as well organized and explanations as kirupa. I’ve been going to flash for a year, but being in kirupa for 2 weeks made that up quite well. Especially when kirupa have all these users on almost constantly to help you. To me, flashkit is so big, people don’t take the time to answer small questions, but Kirupa on the other hand…

btw, if you don’t know what a thing is, use the preferences. It’s wierd at first, but even I got used to it (YAY!) and so I’m sure u will 2.

u mean like the ones there?

Hey I’ve seen and used short-hand speak for many years but have never seen or used words like your using; very confusing stuff. Why don’t you try to speak in complete sentences.

if it wasent for kirupa tutorial I would never of been good enough with AS as i am today.

::Sounds like I am doing a commerical for Kirupa.::