Kirupa ville, a game?

Hey everybody i had just had a brain wave and well this is it.
I was thinking that kirupa ville a single picture group could become a game.

Every member who has submitted and had a lot confirmed could have their own personal character which they can play around with and walk through the streets.

The home that you have submitted and confirmed would be your personal home and you could have like a sleep status a hunger status a streangth status and a money status.

Some people could make a food store or restaurant or whatever to help feed their hunger and in ur home a bed.
There could be a gym to add to streangth or excercise whatever kirupa finds more apropriate and there could be macdonalds for money status and as you get older and work more efficiant you can get a higher paid job.
And when you get money you can spend it on your pixel art for clothes and etc.
Also your charactor will be pixel art you have created or if kirupa can supply some templates for people who just want to play that would be cool.

And if you can come up with anymore ideas contribute to the discussion and hopefully kirupa will attampt at making a game like this.

I am not expectign this to happen over night but i think it would be a great hit for kirupa and we would get alot more members and it would also just be fun to play.