Kirupa XML gallery modifications...?

Hey all!
I really like the simplicity of the kirupa xml gallery (NOT the one that starts with a peacock photo). I wondered though… could anyone help me out with making some modifications to the gallery? (either point me in the right direction, or if ya know the answer, and it’s simple enough, share your suggestions here in the forum).

  1. I’d like to have thumbnails load where the current navigation buttons are, and have the user be able to scroll through the images using mouseover
  2. the thumbnails would have a rollover state and a clicked state the crossfades the thumbnail to another thumbnail (color thumb to b&w thumb, for example)

I know this might be kind of a tall order, but I’ve been looking for weeks now and have found so many gallerys out there… all way too complicated for me to modify successfully.

the closest example I could find to what I’m trying to achieve is the “fast gallery”… I’m trying to basically change the scrolling images from a vertical scrolling to a horizontal scrolling, but even the few lines of code are over my head (I attached the .as file if anyone cares to identify the code for the scroller and help me modify it). Anyway, this is asking a lot, so I don’t really expect too many answers. Thanks for your time though.