A few months ago, Bane pmed me asking if we would be interested in setting up a Klipfolio for this forum.

I told him I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and he said he would show me.

Well after a few months, he finally pmed me back with this response.

heh heh yeah sorry about the delay. I was waiting for serence to release the new version of KlipFolio and expand the DOM, well anyway the GF Klip has been released
here and I’m releasing lowopacity.net 's Klip and surfunion.com/forums/ 's very soon and I can do the Kirupa Klip now since the new version has been released.

All I need is an XML feed from your forum (you can install the “thread torrent” hack created by Jon Kriek at vbulletin.org) and I need you guys to upload an icon and a banner. I will disucss the specifics once you get the XML feed ready

GF’s RDF (RDF is something like XML) feed is:

Kirupa, I didn’t get a chance to follow up on what Klipfolio is, but maybe it’s something you would be interested in.