Kurt Noble Website

Hey all,

How do you all think the menu on http://www.kurtnoble.com/ is created. Is it an elasticity script or tweened animation? A cool effect I see used often and would love to learn it.


that is rad

that is scripted.

Oh man that constrictive resizing is a monster to figure out. Plus it doesn’t help that im diselexic(sp?) at math.

I wanted that effect for a section of a sales presentation I was putting together a while ago. I must have spent a good 5-6 hours working out the math for that thing.


not exactly the same but close right?

(p.s… click on the color blocks on the top row).

very cool man! very cool! Can you post the FLA on that by any chance? I’d love to take a gander @ it.

There’s a tutorial about springs in this site (there’s also one at www.bit-101.com that might be a bit clearer). You can use the same script applied to the scale instead of the position.