Labeling different frames as #p prints them all?

Hi there,
I’m trying to print different frames of my movie, which are located in different scenes.
I’ve put a frame label named #p on every frame that I want to get printed when the user presses a button. Code for this button is:

[COLOR=green]on (release) {
print("_level0", “bframe”);

This actually works fine, the specific frame gets printed OK but [COLOR=orangered]all of my other frames labeled #p are printed too[/COLOR] ! :-\ And part of my dynamic loaded data (information of tables, texts, etc.) cannot be seen anymore after printing !! It seems as if all dynamic information gets lost…

Is there any way of printing just the frame I’m asking for and not all of them ??

What about the “duplicate label” warning ? Is it OK to ignore it ?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve put a frame label named #p on every frame that I want to get printed when the user presses a button

So it’s normal ALL of these get printed, that’s how you set it up remmeber? :wink:
Warning is ok, don’t worry.
Dynamic stuff: don’t know, haven’t tried that yet, is it just text or images also? If only text, did you try embedding the font?

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

I know I’ve labeled #p all of the frames that I want to get printed (that’s what I understood from the documentation I’ve read), but I want to print the “current frame”, not all of them :frowning: Is there any way to print just the current frame ? Maybe I should label them some other way… or call print("_level0", “bframe”); with different parameters…

Any help will be appreciated :smirk:


You can put the content you want to print in a separate clip, out of the stage (invisible), and adress that to print.
You need full details?

OK! But 80% of my content on screen has been generated dynamically (attachmovie, createtextfield, etc.), all texts come from loaded external files (due to language issues), and many MCs are colored according to different parameters…

All this contents vary according to user events (clicks, drags, etc.) also. I never know what the user is going to “see” on stage, because it depends fully on his actions. And he should be able to print whatever he’s seeing at any time…

If I have to hide a separate copy of my frame contents in a clip outside the stage only to get it printed I will get crazy updating all of my movies through Actionscript for both “copies” and my movie will be very much larger, won’t be ?

Arrggg, isn’t there an easier way to do it ? Sorry about my ignorance… :frowning: