'Lagging' input text


Does anyone know what might cause a lag or delay when I try to type into an “Input text” box (or form field)?

I have created the form, and it loads into level 1 of my main movie after hitting a button. But when I type into a field, it takes ages for the characters to appear…

I’ve tested it without putting it in my main movie and it works fine. I’ve also created a new test version of my main movie where a button loads the form into Level 1, and that works fine too.

Can anyone think of something in my main movie that could be causing the delay?


For those of you that read the above, the problem was that my “input text” fields were on top of a layer that contained multiple instances of a single MC making a grid effect, so several hundred instances.

As soon as I turned the offending layer to a guide, all worked perfectly… go figure.