Lame pixel art

So, is the worm’s lame ass pixel art confusing enough for’ya!? :evil:

lame-ass pixel art

180kB of wortless pixels! Yearh!

It’s like something by MC Escher. :slight_smile:

Mc Who?

You had better know who MC Escher is!!! :evil:

If not I suggest you go and try to view ALL of his works (ha good luck)… he is an amazingly talented graphic artist… among other things.


hes dead too
but yeah he was amazing
snazzy pixel art btw bro.

MC Escher = Graphic God

Escher was this like, mathematical genius, and he made these totally cool pictures that skewed your perspective.

Ever seen the one where soldiers seem to be marching down a tower but they’re in a never-ending loop, and the bit that’s going down also seems to be going up?

Hang on, have a look at, that’ll show you loads of examples.,

If you look at them for too long you start to go cross-eyed and get a head ache. :slight_smile:

aaah, now i remember… Mc Escher

was he on something when he worked? those pictures are awesome, but strange at the same time

and if you aren’t already fascinated by the work of M.C. Escher, bear in mind that most of what you see are prints he made from woodcuts!! He cut the reverse of the designs into wood, and then printed them!! Adds a whole 'nother level of whoop-assedness, doesn’t it?

aaah, now i remember… Mc Escher

He was in fact MC Hammer’s brother, he just never got into the baggy trousers thing… :smiley:


can’t touch this

LOL Kit… :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt recognize the name but i recognize like a ton of the work. we did something in 4th grade with it…

my old maths room had prints of his all round the walls…

hhhuuurrr, bad memories… im not a maths lover in the sense of schooling

lol yea… : cringe :