Language Help


I’m making a turn based war game and I guess my sentences are not well written. English is not my home language so I still make some mistakes.

Can anybody help me pointing any mistakes on the following sentences?

  1. Nickname has entered in the Lobby
  2. Nickname has left the game
  3. Error. The game has not started!
  4. You must select a color before entering into a game
  5. You must get out of your actual game to play another one
  6. The selected game has already started
  7. Maximum number of games reached. Please wait a game to finish to open a new one
  8. You have no more soldiers to use
  9. You are not allowed to attack now
  10. You must use all of your soldiers
  11. You don’t have this number of soldiers to use
  12. You can’t attack from an enemy area
  13. You can’t attack you own area
  14. You can’t attack a non-border area
  15. Source area is not yours
  16. Destiny area is not yours
  17. The selected areas are not neighbours

Thanks very much!