Laptop Questions

Alright I’m thinking of buying a laptop and need some advice. It’ll be used mostly for school work, internet and watching movies.

So what’s the difference between Vista 64 and 32 bit? They both cost the same. Should I get Home Premium or Ultimate Edition?

I’m looking at some Dell’s and I have the choice between a 320GB hard drive at 5400RPM and a 250GB hard drive at 7200RPM. What’s the advantage of faster revolutions? Considering I’ve only used 50GB on my current computer over the last 5 years I could really care less about a gigantic hard drive.

512 or 256 MB graphics card?

I also had the bright idea that if I bought one with a blu-ray drive, it would save me from buying a blu-ray player in the future. One laptop I’m looking at as an HDMI output so I’m assuming that I would be able to plug my laptop into my TV and watch a movie, right? The other one I’m looking at has a VGA output. Would that defeat the putpose of blu-ray or would it still play them hi-def if I connected it to a TV.

As you can probably tell I’m a moron. Any insight? Thanks.