Large Rotating circles of type, How?

First time Poster, long time reader…

Okay, problem is that For this website I’m working on I want to make these huge circles of names. I made the circles in freehand as paths, and each circle has about 50 names. On the website I want the names to slowly, very slowly rotate across the screen, of course only a small portion of circle will be viewable at a given time.

I attempted to Make these circles as movie that would load on some level in the website but in order to get the circles to rotate as slowly as I wanted them to each one was getting to be around 10,000 frames. It was taking forever for me just to publiush them, and I assume they would be to large for a website any way.

So the question is, how can make these circles and get them to rote very slowly with making movie with a bunch of frames. I assume their is some sneaky Action scripting that could make this real easy?

If you have any ideas hollar back at me…