Laser beam , how to give more realism to

  • laser beam , how to give more realism to…

    I am designing a site for a dental clinic that offers laser whitening ;
    I sketched this idea : a laser pen gives off a red laser beam and hits the teeth of a mouth , scanning and turning them white ;
    The laser beam lacks realism ; I´ve thought something soft with blurred edged and some reflections as it hits the teeth surface ;
    I ´ve tried Soften Fill Edges on a red line converted to Fill but I don´t think the result was fine.
    Is there anything I can do in order to add more realism to the beam (and add as well some reflection to the teeth surface )?

you got a fla or a swf sample file we can have a look at???

Hello Grim

You can take a look at my sketch @


Don´t go laughing , that´s the basic idea to be improved ;

why don’t you check out

maybe you can get a better idea for a laser(i have no bclue how he did it lol)

Have you tried here:

There is a tutorial on creating lazer beams…_-216/index.php

I am unlucky I´ve got :
404 - We couldn’t find the page you were looking for!
URl seems to be dead , have you loaded it recently ??
thank you anyway Dancer