Launching an application

hey everyone… i just had a question… recently i’ve been really into customizing my desktop: my recent submissions:

…and since im able to “webview” the background with my own html file… ive been working on a flash interface in the background…(a type of html quicklaunch, but in flash)… i was just wondering how i would launch and application through flash…

ive tried it as a link to a specific EXE file through my computer… but it doesnt seem to work… and the “run:” command dosent work… so im kinda stumpped… what command would i use… think any of you hard core flash action scripters can help me out?

thanks for your time.

fscommand in Flash is the closest you’re going to get, unless you use PHP (or something like it) to do some extra stuff for you.

how would i do that?.. id have to make it a button then right… instead fo a text link?.. what is “fs command”?

My friend, that explanation would take entirely too long.

Basically, though, you can use fscommand to execute items in a browser or you can call javascript, or activex stuff.

I’d suggest you read up on it in the actionscript dictionary to see if it will even meet your needs. If it will, perhaps we could pick it up from there.

Best of luck to you!

thanks man ;p =)

Here’s some additional info, too. If you publish your Flash as a projector, you can launch exe files, but they have to be in a subfolder of your projector EXE file. So, for example:

on (release) {
fscommand (“exec”, “notepad.exe”);

If you had notepad.exe in a subfolder of your projector EXE, and that subfolder was named “fscommand”, when you pressed that button, notepad would launch.

OMG!!! this is awesome!!! thanks a lot doode!!! i’ll submit a ss shot once im done… THANKS AGAIN MAN>> YOU ROCK!!!

the exe file works fine… but im not able to use it though webview (background wallpaper) … so id still need to be able to do it through an swf…

argh… sorry for all the questions…