Launching games on secondary monitor

I brought home a TFT-screen I found while working today and figured I could run some fullscreen apps on it, games and such. Now it’s a small monitor and the resolution isn’t that high. My primary is also a widescreen and that’s basically why this annoys me so much. I have ultraMon, so I just launch the games and use a hotkey to move the fullscreen window to the other screen. Really simple and works fast, but! The resolution on my primary gets messed up, and I have to manually set it back again.

Does anyone know a way to automize this process? Or even better, just skip it and launch everything on the secondary screen right away.

Either way is fine =)

I tried googling but didn’t really get anything. Maybe my google skills aren’t as awesome as I thought…

EDIT: if it helps, I have an ATI-card