Launcing a local quicktime moive file with projector and closing it when its finish

Hi, I have another question about flash projectors!

I have a couple of movie files in my projector which i would like the user to be able to play. Basicly i would like it if the movie would launch in a new window. I have seen threads about this before but they seem quite a few years old.
I have seen it done before, I have a software training dvd-rom where you can browse the names of movies in a menu and when selected, the flash movie will say ‘Playing Movie 001’ and then a new projector window will open up with the movie automatically playing with the familiar quicktime controls/progress bar. Also, there is even a 3rd projector file pop up that has the ‘next movie, previous movie’ buttons. When the movie finishes, the window closes and the main projector goes back to the home screen.

I have attatched an image just to clarify what im talking about! (Notice to movie playing in a projector with quicktime controls, and then the main projector in the background)