Hi, I have a swf movie with different layers. However at one stage i need one of the layers to be invisible. I tough the code should be something like thiis:


however this doesnot work. Do you have to give anither name and reference ot from it. In this case were do i insert this name.

Thanls for any sugestions!

In FMX - You can’t make layers invisible using actionscript.

However, you can make the objects in it invisible for a time by converting all the objects into one movieclip, and giving it the instance name of lets say theGroup and adding code on a certain frame you want it to disappear:

theGroup._visible = 0;

You can also use the beautiful wonders of keyframes. I’m sure you know how to use keyframes no? You can set a blank keyframe (F7) at a certain point to make everything gone and then if you need the objects to come back again, just copy the objects from the previous frame that had them and paste them into a new keyframe.

All you need is to trick flash and the viewers eyes to get what you want :sen:.

Hope I helped,
Sharif :).

Thanks a lot. I used the first method you sugested (grouping) since it fited perfectly for my needs :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

No Problem ;).