Layout & Site Design

I am looking for some people who have talent in creating layouts for websites. This is not a flash site, just the design in photoshop. I am looking for someone who can create a professional polished look for a Real Estate websites.

For an example of what I think polished and professional are:

Hey dude, looks like I got to this thread a bit too late, but check out some work at

I have been training photoshop, flash, illustrator, freehand, dreamweaver etc for the last 5 years, and desiging for 9, I can offer more photoshop styled offerings if you contact me on MSN handle- [email protected]
Otherwise good luck with the designs – hope they come out great!

Ciao Pixi.

ethan - lol - thought i would actually browse into here -

you know what i can do -

hit me up if you need anything bro