LearnFlash.Com What a Nightmare (warning!)!

Hello All,

I’m a Flash newbie (MX 2004 is my target) and I have a shot at a sweet Flash project. I have a limited budget for training and after looking around I gave LearnFlash a try. I previously used Lynda.com (they rock!) but thought I’d give Technicallead.com (aka LearnFlash.com) a try.

If you read their website they are all about service with a 100% guarantee. What could go wrong!?

I purchased the Flash Training bundle for $300 (ouch!) and they sent me a link to down load the video. I was able to grab one (they are big) but the next morning the links did not work. Then the link expired! Over the past week I’ve sent email after email with absolutely no response (at least not of the non-automated kind). They have my $$$ and I have squat!

Has anyone else had any experience with these guys?

Now I’m delayed on the project and may lose it, I have to go through my Credit Card company to try to get my money back which will delay me getting training from other places :m:

To add insult, they spam me with other offers but will not respond to any of my pleas for help.

Warning if you decide to do business with these guys, make sure your credit card company has your back!

Good thing for this great Forum and Site…I’m learning a lot here in the mean time!