Learning how to create songs in a band

im lead guitar in the band and
we have a
lead guitar
rythm guitar
and drums

anyone know how to get orgnaized and to organize a song by instrmental parts such as how to play in unison with each other

othermeans we suck. help.

Well ill take my band as an example, we’re a pretty good band, have an album, do gigs etc etc anyway we started of just playing simple covers such as nirvanna, you dont even need to like the music or have the msuic a similar style to what you play, eventually you get accustomed to each others playing styles then you can start just improvising, thats mainly how you improve together, on of you just start a tune/beat(cant discriminate against drummers) then when someone is comfortable with an idea just join in. eventually you will have loads of great ideas and you can add lyrics OR you can use the improvisations as practice and write songs the other way round, lyrics first.

yeah just to point out, my band play rock/metal but different styles need different methods, my band can improvise 10 minute songs at gigs with the vocalist just throwing off whatever he is thinking about.