Learning Interactions scoring control AS help needed

I am using a learning interactions quiz at the end of an animated movie. Because it is entertaining I would rather not launch as a standalone quiz. Everything works perfectly when the quiz is on its own timeline that starts at frame1, but whether I use loadMovie or use the quiz as a movieclip, or start the quiz on frame 1460 on the scene1 timeline the calculate score control doesn’t work. It is called mc, frameNav and it comes with the Flash quiz templates. The AS associated with that mc is below.

onClipEvent (load) {
curQuest = 0;
if(_parent.Options.QuestionsToAsk < (_parent._totalframes-2) && _parent.Options.QuestionsToAsk > 0){
totQuest = "/ " + (_parent.Options.QuestionsToAsk+1);
totQuest = "/ " + String(_parent._totalframes-1);
function updateFrame() {