Lesportsac Ad Drawing help

Hello, I am trying to create an illustration similar to the Lesportsac one below. I want to make it poster size. Is this with vector shapes and colored with PS? (the girl on right side). Any help, suggestions, tuts would be great. Thanks

here’s another example

It looks like painter and illustrator mixed, or maybe just painter. Or then again I could be wrong hehe.

hum I’d say watercolors and paper and watercolor brushes

painter? watercolor brushes? mlk, throw me a bone here and enlighten me please. PS dope footer.

As I have been to fashion school, those are fashion sketches most likely done with pen & ink, and watercolor.

I’ve looked online and there aren’t any real great tuts for fashion sketching. What did you want the girl in your ad to be wearing or doing?

I see, I wanted to make a pic of my gf, in that style. Thanks for your help anyway

I can’t sketch, paint, draw to save my life…


To give you more examples. You wanted to take a pic of your GF and modify it to this style?

painter? watercolor brushes? mlk, throw me a bone here and enlighten me please. PS dope footer.

Hum I meant getting back to the basics, real paper & real watercolors, then scanned the old fashioned way. No way to get such pics with Painter. Yet.

Yeah, girls love that thoughful and artistic expression stuff, + I won’t get nagged to get of the computer.
She loves pink and pastels so this style would fit perfect. I’ll try it and update this link

Thanks for the link, that’s exactly what I was looking for good looking out EthanM

Well if you want send me a pic of her you want to do in this style and I’ll have a go at drawing it to give you a start.

Ethan Thanks for your help, here is what i got so far 10 minute tracing with Flash, now I got to figure a coloring scheme. Your suggestions are welcome

I hope you get what I’m trying to do with the outlines…

here is my first attempt. Your critique is welcome. Dissing gf is not recommended and is very uncool.


Looks good so far.

This is a challenging thing though. I think there are some spots where you can make her look more flattering, but too much and she’ll think you think she’s fat and that’s why you altered her.

With that warning being said. Her left arm. On the right side of the pic seems to big. Thin her arms down a little. Also her hands are two bulky. Notice on every fashion sketch the hands are thin and not too detailed.

The pose you are tracing also isn’t the most, Fashion Sketch photo ever. Maybe you can use what you have now as reference to put her head onto another fashion sketch’s body in a more fashionable pose.

Keep up the work though.

Wow, good thing you pointed out the left arm detail before I showed it to her. I would have had my B****S handed to me. If I stick her head on another person’s body, that will not be good. I’ll work on the hands too. I tried to mimic the Lesportsac pic as far as how much detail shows. The eyes were a pain the neck. I did the entire tracing in Flash so I had to really zoom in and lsot the overall view. Thank you for sticking to this post. i’ll send you the psd. if you have time…Thanks

No worries.

I might thin both her upper arms out.

I’m happy to help, but it is my 2am here and I’m going to bed. Good Luck.

Too late.lol. She came home and saw it on flash. She was pretty impressed with it,
and said, that’s definitely her. She noted the arms, but didn’t give me a hard time. I told her it was WIP. It is harder than I have expected, tying to combine, Flash, EPS, PSD and JPGs all into one. Send me what you can I love getting fresh ideas. Take it easy

I sent you an email. Sorry Ive never tried to do watercoloring in flash. What I did do was sketch out some more flattering lines for her arms and hands. Maybe that will help you.

got the email Thanks. It’s my first try and I didn’t really have any “modeling” type of poses to trace. I am sure it will get better. I’ll post new versions of it.