Let's do something fun [committed] - KVille One

Back to the racquet club! Only it should be a lot easier for anyone to get involved this time. All you need is a github account and the ability to enter text into a form (since the github web interface allows you to edit repo files directly in the browser). You don’t even have to install git or know fancy terminal commands, though you’re welcome to take that route if you so please. So without further ado, I present to you:

KVille One!

“One” because I can’t remember if we ever did a V2, or maybe even a V3? Doesn’t matter, "one"s are all the rage right now, so we’re latching on!

Currently, you get a 200px square box with basic text messages displayed inside. The next steps are figuring out how to move forward from here and what we should do next. Go with the city like-approach? Something different? It’s scripted so we could potentially pass messages to each other or perform other, more complex interactions…

For reference, the ancient, lost pixel city of kville (showing its age): https://www.kirupa.com/lab/kville/main.htm

This is a great idea! I’m down for this :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking outside the box! :trout:

That ship has sailed. :ferry:

I feel like im being lured in to this with zoomed out boat icons



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Any ideas for this? Some thoughts I had:

  • What you can do, or how big your “plot” (whatever that ultimately means) is can change in size depending on certain variables like age of your fork (early adopters are rewarded).
  • You can specify “friends” - other people’s github user ids that you can connect to. You can think of it as a road directly to a friend. Bonus if that same friend connects back to you.
  • Should interactions go beyond clicking? Can there be areas set up for clicking? How deep should the API go to allow interaction there?
  • Graphically how should things look?
    • Overhead view like past kville?
    • Side view of rooms a la Fallout Shelter and similar games?
    • Should graphics be procedural - something that can grow over time naturally without people having to do anything?
    • Should people be able to specify their own images? (probably more fun, but also more work which in turn can be discouraging and a larger barrier of entry)
    • If not their own images, then “blocks”, something possible in code, maybe something like minecraft where the host defines the blocks and users of the plots place them where they want.
    • Given a code-only based approach, have different skins for what people do? Maybe if the API is generic enough, the skins can allow for a lot of diversity, like one variation could be planets and another might be a circuit board.
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Ok, calling this a bust.

Lets just post pictures of cats in boats or something instead.


Finally something in which I can participate!