Let's give it a shot!

Hi there,

I would like to present you my little project I have been working on for the last 2 years (well, not full-time, just when I had some time left on my hands, you get the point):

http://www.vault52.net (click on the link to enter the vault at the main page)

It’s not one of those fancy ‘hyper kinetic’ flash design sites, but rather a sort of game engine (like Myst), that uses flash for graphical presentation. It’s not finished yet, not at all, but I think it gives a pretty good idea of what it could become one day.

One word of advice: you need broadband (2x 700 kb download), a big monitor and a love for the post apocalyps :slight_smile:



It looks nice, but I don’t see any flash? SOTW sites need to be mostly flash.

Well, the complete site is in flash, but you have to click on the ‘>> Welcome to the real future’ - button at the main page, or the ‘enter the vault’ at the Vault52 section …

The html part was requested by the fallout community to host the forum etc …



I liked it, but there are some cursor problem when change them fast. I specially don´t like the customized cursor because they run slowly. It´s better putting a hided movieclip that show when a rollover occur.

Also, having the flash movie stretch to the window size causes lagging and distortion. On my 800x600 I could not read any of the text. I had to hit F11 to full maximize IE. Not everyone knows about the F11 trick and some others may use Netscape or be on a Mac, which doesn’t support full maximizing like IE does.

Well, first of all, the cursor is hidden, you can only enable it through the menu, so if it causes lagging or problems, just don’t enable it.

I know the website gives problems at small screens, that’s why I state everywhere you need a big monitor (at least 17" at 1027768). Once again, this website is made for a select group of people, I rather give them the full advantage of having a big monitor, then working on 800600.



I understand the part about the monitor, but I was trying to make a point about the stretching to fit full screen. This causes lagging on bigger monitors. It also distorts your images and text. Just tryin to help a little:)

*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
**This causes lagging on bigger monitors. It also distorts your images and text. **

I don’t get it ? You mean that, when your screen isn’t maximized when you enter the vault, and you then maximize it, it causes problems ? I personally never experienced any of em, but maybe that’s just me =)

I know the site is pretty heavy to load, but my point is (or should be) that not all sites have to use lots of movement or complicated navigation structures.

What size is your monitor? 1024x768 (or whatever that other size is)? There are monitor sizes that are bigger than that that may experience the distortion and lagging.

I never stated anything about complicated navigations or movement, I am just trying to help reduce lagging and distortion on bigger monitors. If you embed it with a specified size, there will be none of this and it can be viewed on all monitors (even smaller ones, even if they have to scroll).

I work on a 19" at 1280*1024, and I really haven’t heard of the problem before, so that’s why I’m interested to find out what the problem is :slight_smile:

I really want to make the site adapt itself to the screen, as I think that’s the best/most beautiful way for this kind of site. Normally, it should be fullscreen also, but the scripts were giving me a headache :-\

I would drool over that kind of monitor! I hate my rinky-dink 800x600…lol.

It is good that you don’t launch a full screen window, many people dislike them because if you are looking at other stuff you have to use ALT+TAB to flip through windows, and it can become a pain.

That’s right, I had enough complaints about it in the newsgroups :stuck_out_tongue:

But this project should be different. It’s an online game, so you should consider it as one too. If you play a normal game on your harddisk, like a shoot’em up, or a rpg, you don’t expect the game to be windowed, right ?

So that’s a bit of a problem, it’s a website, but it’s much more than that (or at least it tries to be :evil: ). So it gets criticism from both worlds (website-game) blaming it for not being ‘pure’ :wink:

Very slick site. Loved all the graphic work that was put into it. I have a 22’inch flast screen and it looked great on my monitor.You might want to put some text on your navagation buttons. I had troubles figuring out where some buttons were going to go. Very nice overall :slight_smile:

Yes, I know, I could do that, but I guess after a while, you know what the icons mean (and it’s not like there is just some info behind it, you really have to use the applications to make progress in the game), but I used to have an online tutorial system, that would explain the menu and stuff, but I left it out in the current version … will definitly come back on the next upgrade along with the inventory and items.

Thanks for visiting & replying =)