Let's try and educate them shall we

OK i am sitting there in the school mineding my own bisness. Sudenly some guy sits next to me. Ok i know him… But where not like m8’s or annything. So he asks me. “They say you know Flash?” Well I look at him :-\ “Yea kinda”, He goes on “They say your a master at flash.”, “I am not a, master but i know my way around”

So he goes on he needs my help. Seeing stuff like 2advanced and looking at my site say he needs to learn it.

Bla bla bla WE go on. eventually i get his MSN and he want me to teach him. I mean flash… You can learn it in one night. You need to dedicate half your life to it. :wink:

But I am the only one that knows how to work with flash on my school of about 1600 students. So basicly I am the local “Ask him about flash and webdesigning info center” Personally i am getting sick and tried of it.

Do you get the same?