Letting the user save a file

I’m designing a website based on Windows for a 22-minute cartoon thingy I’m making (by my calculations, it’ll be officially up in 2 or 3 weeks, for those who have noticed that I first talked about this about a month ago. We’re just recording the audio now, and I want at least one scene done before I go public…)

Anyway, the way I present the “Director’s Commentary” section of the site is as a mock word processor, pretending that the director’s commentaries are all just different .doc files on the computer. (Man am I ever clever! Go me!) To make this seem more genuine, I said “what the hell” and made it so that the user can write their own document, too. It’s not something complex - it’s just a big section of useless input text on a white piece of paper thingy. Took about 3 seconds to do, so why not, right?

Naturally, I had to show all my friends how clever I am. Pretty well everyone’s response was: “Can you save what you wrote?” Curses! My cleverness has met a roadblock! “No! You can’t! Can’t you just appreciate my glory without demanding more?! Back, you vultures! Back, I say!”

They have a point. It’s not impossible for me to do - I’ve seen Flash guestbooks.

First question:

How could I add that save option?

Second point:

I’m concerned that would take up needless server space. If some no-life decided “Boy! I’m going to write thousands on stories on this word processor! Keen!” I could run out of space, or at least low on space, on the single most useless and most impractical aspect of the site. So…

Second question:

Would it be worthwhile?