Levels in AS3

I need some help to simulate the old levels behaviours in AS3.
The problem is that with levels, I had the guarantee that something would be above other, no matter what. Example:

Suppose I want to load a logo at level 3, and my content will be loaded always under the logo, level 2 for example.
In AS2, I would only do:
loadMovieNum(“logo.swf”, 3);

And each menu button event, I would do: loadMovieNum("*.swf", 2);
This way, no matter what happens to my movie, it will be respected. Others elements placed at design time (flash timeline) they will always be under level 0.

Now in AS3, those elements are mixed on the same stack with the loaded ítens.

So, if I do: addChild(loaded_logo) and my animation plays to a frame that a new symbol appears, it will be placed above loaded_logo, but I want logo to be the top most.

I hope somebody understand me :slight_smile: