Levels/target challenge

I had this code from the tutorial and it does not work when the button is inside a movieclip, it works fine when it is attached to a button on the main timeline. I am putting this on a layer that only consists of code.

title_mc.onPress = function() {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“topic_bg”, 1);
loadMovie(“topic1.swf”, “_root.topic_bg”);
_root.topic_bg._x = 0;
_root.topic_bg._y = 0;

Whats wrong?

The movie loads all right… Is it a problem of position ?

pom :asian:

It does not load, the buttons is inside a movieclip. But if I put the button in the main timeline and not inside the movieclip; it works fine. It loads at the correct layer/position.

The buttons is not working when it is inside the movieclip!

It does for me. Attach your fla.

pom :asian:

Attached is the file that I am working with. And inside it you’ll see the movieclip buttons and a button that is just a button. that button works, but the movieclip does not.
Thanks for looking at it coz I am due to a dateline.

Very cool navigation, my man. Nice work, I love it. I hope you don’t mind if I keep the fla, and that I get inspiration from it in the future :slight_smile:

Anyway, concerning your trouble, it’s a problem of targetting. Just put

large.title1_mc.onPress = function() {

And by the way, it’s usually a good thing to put all your functions at the same place, otherwise it can be very difficult to see how everything works.


pom :asian:

It works, finally!
You’re the guy man!
The fla, take it. I copied the original from some tutorial but I tweak a little bit for my purpose.

Thanks a lot,man!

By the way, where are you in Malaysia ? Cos I’m studying in Singapore right now, and I’ve been there a bit. Just curious.

pom :asian:

I am in Jalan Kuchai Lama,Kuala Lumpur. It is close to the old airport in Sungei Besi area.
Interesting though, I did spent about 4 months working in Redhill and at that time I stayed in the company’s hostel in Yishun.
What a small world!
What do u study BTW?

Computer and Electrical engineering in NTU. I started today ! But the real stuff comes this evening, with my first postgraduate course. Makes me sweat. Or maybe it’s the heat…

What are you doing ?

pom :asian:

Multimedia Design in a Feng Shui company. NTU is a good place to be. Wish you all the best! You can do it man!
Best of all make yourself proud, have your private victories! They need not to be Public Victory coz you know who you are and that is really important!

Thanks ! And keep up the good work (and show us when you’re done…).

pom :asian: